"This is an unequal world. Some have more than others. That`s why we must share". 
/The Hotel's founder - Adolf Sīlis/

The hotel “Radi un draugi” is unique because the majority of its profits benefit the Latvian people:  all its earnings stay in Latvia and are reinvested in the hotel or donated to local charitable foundations and causes. Since opening in April 1995, its donations amount to over one million pounds.  Much has been achieved but there is still so much to be done.

During this time the hotel’s profits have benefitted:

  • Latvian children from low-income families;
  • Latvian young people from low-income families, by providing scholarships;
  • The Children’s centre for Haematology
  • Latvian Veterans of the 2nd World War
  • The preservation of national heritage sites and monuments;
The promotion of national cultural events.
Vitols Foundation  

The hotel Board with students
it sponsors through the Vitols Foundation

The hotel's General Manager together
with supporters of the Latvian president's
educational project "Mission Possible".